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Projects / Reimu Learns Time Travel

Video game made with Phaser.io over the course of three days in the Summer of 2018 for the 2nd Touhou Fan Game Jam!

This was really fun to make! For those who don’t know what Touhou is, it’s basically a video game where you try to dodge a bunch of oncoming bullets. For me, these games are the most stressful fun I can have, and I love them.

The theme for this game jam was “only once”, and the way I decided to interpret this was I had the player only have one chance at winning. One life. The catch? They can travel back in time!

A strange gimmick that was admittedly very fun for me to implement, and even though it could have been done better, I’m still very proud of this game as a whole.

I won the ZUN award for making the game and all of the assets on my own as well! (Though I did use the Phaser.io library for low-level stuff like graphics and input… didn’t write my own engine in 3 days… weak)

Check it out here | View it on Github