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Projects / Tsukimi Tower Defense

Video game made with SFML.NET over the course of 72 hours in January 2020 for the 5th Touhou Fan Game Jam!

Premise: During the Tsukimi (Moon-Viewing) Festival, it’s traditional for offerings of food to be made to the moon. In this case, however, the moon was dissatisfied with the offerings and turned them into youkai (supernatural entities). The characters of Touhou must now defeat these youkai in the style of a tower defense game. Makes sense.

This is the second game I’ve made for the Touhou Game Jam series, and surprisingly (to me) it’s a tower defense game! I was planning on making a traditional shoot-em-up style game but then at the last minute I felt like making this instead.

It’s both the first tower defense game I’ve made and the first game I’ve made in general using SFML.NET, so I learned a lot obviously!! Probably the most important being that I really like coming up with ideas for towers… It’s not unlikely that I’ll work on this more in the future/make more tower defense games. >:~)

Check it out here | View it on Github